Teachers Response to Course Work Emails Policy

Policy #: 
ACD 101.011
Executive Owner: 
Senior Vice President Operational Strategy & Learning

All AHU Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.


The purpose of this policy is to have faculty and adjunct faculty respond to students in a timely manner.


It is expected of all faculty and adjunct faculty to respond to course work emails from students in their classes within 24 hours whenever possible and no later than 48 hours. Emails that are received Friday after 3:00 pm need to be answered by Monday 3:00 pm, with the exception of courses that meet on Sunday or have assignments due on Sunday.



CommitteeDate VotedMinutes Code
President's CouncilMonday, February 4, 201919:18
Approved by: 
Edwin Hernandez
Approval Date: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019
Effective Date: 
Monday, February 4, 2019
Review Date: 
Wednesday, March 2, 2022