Transfer Credit Policy

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ACD 101.022
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This policy applies to students who will have credits transferred from another institution to AdventHealth University.


The purpose of this policy is to outline the guidleines to transfer courses to AdventHealth University.


College-level credit earned at another institution will be transferred and applied toward degree requirements under the following guidelines.

Grades and quality points are not transferable and will not be added or reflected in the Grade Point Average (GPA).

Transcripts must be mailed or delivered electronically to AHU from each institution, or the applicant may deliver a transcript in a sealed envelope directly to the Office of Admissions.

For more information on transferrable credits, visit our Transfer Evaluation System.

Undergraduate students

  1. All credit must appear on an official transcript from the original institution at which the credit was earned.
    • If the institution was placed on provisional status or lost its accreditation (by the regional accrediting body to which it belongs) at the time of the student’s attendance, those courses will be evaluated on an individual basis.
    • If the institution was placed on candidacy status at the time the student took the course, AdventHealth University will accept the courses for transfer under general AdventHealth University guidelines.
    • If the institution was regionally accredited at the time the student took the course, but is no longer accredited or is on provisional status at the time of transfer evaluation, AdventHealth University will accept the courses for transfer under general AdventHealth University guidelines.
  2. Foreign transcripts must be evaluated (course-by-course evaluation) and/or translated by an evaluation organization approved by the Office of Admissions. Information regarding the approved organizations may be obtained from the Office of Admissions.
  3. General education courses and pre-requisite courses that are required in the curriculum of the student’s professional program will be transferred.
  4. Only courses with a minimum grade of “C” (2.00) will be considered for transfer. Courses considered equivalent with grades of “P” (Passing) or “S” (Satisfactory) as the final grade will be evaluated individually, based on the institution’s interpretation of a passing grade.
  5. The total number of credits transferred may not exceed those allowed by the Residency Requirements.
  6. Refer to religion requirements for detail on religion credit transfer. 
  7. Students who wish to transfer courses from a professional program (for example, a nursing course) must petition the respective department for evaluation of credit.
  8. Courses that are not clearly defined on a transcript may not be automatically transferred. The student will be asked to submit course descriptions and/or syllabi for further evaluation.
  9. Any new or current AdventHealth University students wishing to take coursework at another college or university while enrolled at AdventHealth University may do so only after receiving permission from their department chair and the Office of Academic Administration. The student must file a Petition for Transient Letter Form with the Registrar no fewer than 15 business days before registration at the other institution. Please refer to the Transient Policy.
  10. The credit-granting institution must have regional accreditation.
  11. Transcripts and/or diplomas received from institutions affiliated with regionally accredited U.S. institutions will not be subject to an independent transcript evaluation.

Graduate students

  1. Graduate students may petition to transfer credits from other regionally accredited institutions of higher learning.
  2. No more than twelve graduate semester hours may be transferred into the graduate program of study unless specified by the professional program.
  3. Only courses which fulfill AdventHealth University course requirements and have been completed with a grade of “B” or better may be transferred.
  4. Transfer requests must be approved by the respective department chair. Transfer credit is not allowed for courses specific to the professional discipline.
  5. The total number of credits transferred may not exceed those allowed by the Graduate Residency Requirements.
  6. Transfer of credit is not an option for courses in the professional clinical programs.




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Academic PoliciesWednesday, February 9, 202222:11
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Edwin Hernandez
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Wednesday, October 19, 2022
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Wednesday, September 14, 2022