Academic Advising Policy

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ACD 101.025
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Senior Vice President Operational Strategy & Learning

All AHU students. 


The purpose of this policy is to outline the definitions of academic advising, academic advisors, and how students receive academic advising.


Academic Advising 

Academic advising is provided to all AdventHealth University (AHU) students. Advisors may assist with setting academic goals, interpreting academic policies and procedures, course selection, registration, and personal development. Advisors may refer students to additional resources as needed. 

All students are assigned an academic advisor upon acceptance to AHU. General studies students are assigned a Student Experience Manager and program students will be assigned a Faculty Advisor. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor prior to the beginning of each trimester for course selection and approval and to monitor progress toward their educational and career goals. 

Students Accepted to the University prior to acceptance to a Professional Program:

Students in this category are assigned a Student Experience Manager upon acceptance to AHU. Student Experience Managers are available to assist with course selection, degree planning, and helping students apply to programs. All students are encouraged to contact their Student Experience Manager prior to the beginning of each trimester for course selection to monitor progress towards their educational goals. 

Students Applying to the Doctoral Nurse Anesthesia Program (DNAP)

Prospective students applying to the DNAP program will be assigned an Academic Program Manager during the admissions process. Once accepted to the DNAP program, students will be assigned a faculty advisor.

Students Accepted to a Professional Program:  

All program students are assigned a faculty advisor upon acceptance to an AHU professional program. Program students are encouraged to refer to their program manual and faculty advisor for program specific information and advising.  


Academic Advisors include:

  • Student Experience Managers
  • Faculty Advisors
  • Academic Program Manager (providing post-baccalaureate advising). 


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Academic PoliciesWednesday, May 10, 202323:22
AHU CabinetFriday, June 16, 202323:38
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Friday, June 16, 2023
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Wednesday, May 10, 2023