Memoranda of Understanding and Articulation Agreements Policy

Policy #: 
ADM 201.010
Executive Owner: 
Senior Vice President Operational Strategy & Learning

The scope of this policy is in the creation of Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and articulation agreements with external partners.


The purpose of this policy is to articulate the parameters of memoranda of understanding and articulation agreements for advancing external partnerships with AdventHealth University.


Memoranda of understanding and articulation agreements are created with external partners in order to:

  1. Create alliances with fellow SDA institutions
  2. Create alliances with other mission-aligned colleges and universities
  3. Increase enrollment of qualified students
  4. Establish innovative and sustainable programming that meets a variety of AdventHealth system needs, community needs, as well as student body academic needs.

The Provost has oversight of the MOU and Articulation Agreement processes. Other AdventHealth University leaders may initiate the process, but the sequence includes 1) the Provost must review the content, 2) HR uploads to the electronic system to ensure AdventHealth attorney review, and 3) final signatures and tracking the document. In some cases, it is also necessary for the President to also sign the document. The Provost’s office will ensure that both parties secure signatures and that a final original is sent to the external partner and filed internally. Copies of the final document are provided to the Compliance Office, as well as to the President’s Office.


Memorandum of Understanding:  Document that outlines general partnership roles and responsibilities of both parties. This includes general goals for the partnership, as well as agreements between the parties to address one or more of the above general areas.

Articulation Agreement:  Document that entails specific criteria for admission to a particular program or programs. A percentage of designated program slots are provided, granting at minimum an interview, but may also include a level of guaranteed admission with met criteria. Academic Leaders must approve of all set parameters and be an integral part of the development of any articulation agreement that involves program admission.



CommitteeDate VotedMinutes Code
President's CouncilMonday, April 19, 202121:28
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Approval Date: 
Thursday, June 17, 2021
Effective Date: 
Monday, April 19, 2021
Review Date: 
Tuesday, October 17, 2023