Laptop/Mobile Device for Learning Policy

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INT 604.001
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Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer

This policy is for all AdventHealth University students.


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and specifications for the use of laptops and/or mobile devices for classroom learning.


Laptops are required at AdventHealth University for secure electronic testing, access to electronic course materials as well access to many University Services. Laptops are expected to be maintained and in good working order throughout the student’s time at AdventHealth University.  The use of laptops and/or mobile devices in the classroom is strictly for learning activities related to the class in session. Instructors have the prerogative to ask that all electronic devices be turned off.  AdventHealth University requires that the laptop meets the following specifications:


  • Able to run Microsoft Windows specific software, as AdventHealth University uses Microsoft Windows exclusively.  Other operating systems will be untested and unsupported
  • Able to read and create documents in a format compatible with the latest Microsoft Office.  The most current version of Microsoft Office is provided for free to all Students.  Download instructions are available at
  • Able to maintain a reliable connection to the AdventHealth University Wireless (802.11 G/N/AC)
  • Sufficient battery to operate throughout an entire class period without charging
  • Able to access our Learning Management System Canvas - Canvas Computer Requirements
  • It is recommended to have an updated version of antivirus software installed

Common Program Specific Requirements

     - Compatibility self-check
     - Windows System Requirements



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Academic PoliciesWednesday, July 13, 202222:50
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Edwin Hernandez
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Wednesday, October 19, 2022
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Wednesday, July 13, 2022