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Policy #sort ascending Title Effective Date Review Date Policy Category Keyword
STS 1007.002 PR Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal Standard Operating Procedure - Student Student Services Disability; Service Animal; Emotional Support Animal
STS 1007.002 Service Animal and Emotional Support Animal Policy - Student Student Services Disability; Service Animal; Emotional Support Animal
STS 1007.001 Lactation Support Policy - Students 02/17/2021 Student Services Breastfeeding, Lactation, Discrimination
STS 1005.001 Campus Clubs Policy 05/15/2015 06/05/2017, 10/22/2019 Student Services Club
STS 1003.001 Housing Hurricane Evacuation Policy 04/13/2020 Student Services Evacuation; Hurricane
OPR 904.001 AHU Employee Parking Policy 03/07/2016 02/27/2019 Operations Parking
OPR 903.009 Medicine Disbursement to Students and Guests Policy 04/13/2020 Operations Medicine, Students, Guests
OPR 903.008 Food Safety Policy 03/30/2020 Operations Food, Safety, Event
OPR 903.007 Missing Student Notification Policy 05/13/2019 Operations Missing, Security, Safety
OPR 903.006 Incident Reporting Policy 10/16/2017 07/09/2019 Operations Incident, Injury
OPR 903.005 Children on Shuttle Bus 04/04/2016 02/27/2019 Operations Children, Campus, Exemption Form
OPR 903.004 Children on Campus Student Policy 04/04/2016 02/27/2019 Operations Children, Bus, Exemption Form
OPR 903.003 Children on Campus Employee Policy 04/04/2016 02/27/2019 Operations Children, Bus, Exemption Form
HRC 507.001 Adjunct Orientation and Evaluation Policy 12/16/2020 Human Resources/Compliance Adjunct, Orientation, Evaluation
HRC 504.002 New Employee Housing Request Policy 10/03/2016 03/18/2019 Human Resources/Compliance Housing
HRC 504.001 Code of Conduct – Hiring Relatives Policy 06/15/2015 03/18/2019 Human Resources/Compliance Relatives, Nepotism, Hiring
HRC 503.007 Medicine Disbursement to Employees Policy 08/02/2021 Human Resources/Compliance Medicine
HRC 503.006 Physical Presence Policy 08/05/2020 Human Resources/Compliance Physical Presence, Location
HRC 503.005 Ethical Relationship Policy 10/07/2020 Human Resources/Compliance Relationship
HRC 503.004 Breaks and Leaving Work Areas Policy 06/26/2016 03/18/2019 Human Resources/Compliance Break, Meal, Lunch
HRC 503.003 Graduation Participation Policy 05/02/2016 03/18/2019 Human Resources/Compliance Graduation, Participation
HRC 503.002 Faculty Taking Student Attendance Policy 06/01/2016 03/08/2019 Human Resources/Compliance Attendance
HRC 502.001 Faculty Workload Policy 02/18/2019 Human Resources/Compliance Faculty, Workload, Overload
HRC 501.011 PR Holiday Days Off Standard Operating Procedure 07/19/2021 Human Resources/Compliance Holliday, Paid Days Off
HRC 501.010 Faculty Vacation Policy 07/22/2019, 02/17/2021 Human Resources/Compliance Faculty, Vacation, Days, Sick