Faculty Vacation Policy

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HRC 501.010
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Director Human Resources

This policy is for part-time and full-time faculty.


This policy is to explain the Faculty Vacation Policy.


Twenty days of annual vacation are provided for full-time faculty. Part time faculty’s vacation will be prorated based on their scheduled hours.  No more than ten vacation days may be carried over to the next academic year for a maximum of thirty days for full time faculty (prorated for part-time faculty).  The annual vacation days will be added to your vacation bank on the first day of the first full pay period after the start of the new academic year every Fall.  Faculty must submit a request for time off via the Hub to their Administrator/Department Chair for approval prior to the start of vacation.

Vacations must be scheduled to meet the instructional and research requirements of the department. Each department will track and schedule vacations in order to not interfere with the operation of the department.  Every effort will be made to satisfy the faculty member’s request. 

Faculty are to take vacation during those times when they are not assigned specific tasks or teaching, and at a time agreed upon with the department chair. Official University holidays and/or days when the University offices are closed are not counted as part of a faculty vacation time. 

Vacation days may not be used in lieu of notice of resignation, after notice of resignation is provided, or to extend employment beyond the separation date.  Unused vacation days are not paid out at separation of employment.

If a faculty member is sick, the faculty member must notify his/her Department Chair of the inability to report to work in a timely manner.  Sick days are paid and are not counted as part of a faculty vacation time.  Upon return to work after absences of three (3) consecutive days or more, employees are required to provide his/her Department Chair a statement from a health care provider which documents the validity of, or need for, the time away from work.  Once a faculty member is absent for five (5) consecutive days, he/she must be placed on a Leave of Absence.    


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Edwin Hernandez
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Thursday, June 17, 2021
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