Fire and Medical Emergency Hope Clinic Standard Operating Procedure

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SOP #: 
HPC 1200.001 PR
Executive Owner: 
Occupational Therapy Chair
All individuals at Hope Clinic.
To provide guidance for safe, proper, and immediate implementation of procedures in the event of a fire, the employment of the fire alarm, or a medical emergency at Hope Clinic.

Office Manager, Practitioners, Volunteers, Students, Staff responsible to:


  1. Activate the fire alarm system using the nearest pull station, if not already activated (horns and strobes). 
  2. Call 911, then AdventHealth University (AHU) security to report the fire and notify Forest Lake Academy (FLA).  Escort and assist patients/clients, caregivers, students and faculty through the exits and to the associated meeting area: 
    • Primary Meeting Area:  Grass area across the street from the front of the Hope Clinic.
    • Secondary Meeting Area:  Back door exit to pad behind building at the farthest point.  (Only if the primary meeting area is blocked by fire or hazard) 
  3. Conduct a headcount by designated employees of patients/clients, students, faculty and caregivers once outside of building. 
  4. Remain outside of building until released by the fire department.  If office manager is not present during the event, notify the office manager within 24 hours. 
  5. Fill out an AdventHealth University’s incident report within 24 hours of the event. 


  1. Call 911, then AHU security to report specific type of medical emergency and notify Forest Lake Academy (FLA).
  2. Administer life-saving techniques as needed until emergency assistance arrives.
  3. Stay with the individual until emergency responders have arrived.
  4. Notify individual’s emergency contact person regarding the situation.
  5. Complete an AdventHealth University incident report within 24 hours of the event and submit a copy to the Office Manager.
  6. For employees Only:  Complete the AdventHealth System incident report within 24 hours of the event.  Notify Office Manager of completion and provide a copy of the confirmation report.

Office Manager responsible to:


  1. Notify the Clinic Director within 24 hours of the evacuation and send the AdventHealth University incident report to the Clinic Director. 


  1. Notify the clinic director within 24 hours of the event.
  2. Notify other treating practitioners as needed, if individual is receiving services at Hope Clinic.
  3. Submit incident report(s) to clinic director with 24 hours of the event.

Clinic Director responsible to:


  1. Review event with appropriate parties to determine if further reporting is necessary.
  2. Submit AHU incident report to AHU Director of Security and Office of Student Services within 24 hours of receipt of the incident report from the Office Manager.


CommitteeDate VotedMinutes Code
President's CouncilWednesday, August 5, 202020:109
Approved by: 
Edwin Hernandez
Approval Date: 
Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Effective Date: 
Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Review Date: 
Wednesday, September 21, 2022