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Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The TEAS test is required if you plan to enter the AHU Nursing Program in the Fall of 2023 or later.  Please reach out to your Student Experience Manager with questions.  For information on TEAS tutoring or how to prepare for the test, scroll down to the Preparing for the TEAS Exam section on this page.

What is the TEAS?

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) measures basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage.   All students/applicants must ensure that their scores are submitted to AHU by the program deadline.  Click here for more information regarding ATI TEAS test exam details

Minimum acceptable scores for AHU Nursing Program Admission: Minimum of 62.5% on the Composite Score (Adjusted Individual Total Score)

TEAS Retake Policy for AHU:  Applicants may take the ATI TEAS three (3) times within 12 month period and a minimum of 30 days in between attempts.  This policy only applies if you plan to attend the Nursing Program at AdventHealth University.

Register and reserve your TEAS test:  Ready to register for the TEAS exam?  Click here to register and reserve your seat for the TEAS exam
Electronically submit your TEAS test results to AHU:  If you have taken the TEAS at another testing facility, you can send your results electronically to AHU for a fee of $27.00.  Click here to send your results.  ***If you have taken your TEAS test here at AdventHealth University, you won't need to electronically send it to us.  ATI automatically forwards to us your results if you took it here.  ATI states that if you are taking the TEAS exam at a school testing facility, your test results will automatically be forwarded to that school, in addition to any other school(s) that you have requested herein to receive your test results.

Preparing for the TEAS Exam

TEAS Tutoring Program - provided by the University Tutoring Center

We get it.  It can be hard to study for the TEAS on your own.  If you need help studying for the TEAS test, you can enroll into the TEAS Tutoring Program at the AdventHealth University Tutoring Center.  It's free to AHU students and prospective students planning to attend the AHU Nursing Program.  Designed and taught by the tutors at AdventHealth University, the TEAS Tutoring Program assesses your proficiency in the core foundational subjects of Reading Comprehension, Math, English, and Science.  A study plan is created to help guide you through your time preparing for the test, and you'll attend tutoring sessions and take practice tets to improve on the areas where you're weak in.

Connect with the Tutoring Center here to get started.  Email if you have any questions.

TEAS Self-Study Resources
The study resources provided below streamlines your preparation for the TEAS.  It features instructional material for each of the four subject areas: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English.  Practice problems and examples with explanatory answer keys are provided for each lesson along with solutions and rationales.  Feel free to look into any of the self-study resources that we suggest below:

[R] Highly recommended

Contact the AHU Testing Coordinator

Deena Weiss, TEAS Computer Testing Coordinator (Orlando Campus)
Phone: (407) 303-7643