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The faculty and staff of AdventHealth University are dedicated to an equitable and exemplary education for all of their students. They believe that equal education is not limited to a physically accessible campus for its students. They also strive to provide necessary accommodations to those students with disabilities. Students with disabilities who succeed at AHU demonstrate self-reliance and are able to advocate for their needs and anticipate challenges in a new environment, as well as address those needs well in advance.

AHU Disabilities policies comply with the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. See the Academic Catalog for information on student rights and our confidentiality policy.

Determination of disability must be made on a case-by-case basis. Your case will be evaluated based on the documentation of your disability. The documentation must be provided by a qualified evaluator for your disability.

We want you to be successful and we understand that an important component of success is matching your needs to the services we provide.

Student Accommodations Procedure

In order to receive academic accommodations, students should contact the Disabilities Coordinator prior to or at the beginning of the trimester. Most requests should be submitted 2 weeks before classes start; however, the following requests should be submitted at least 4 weeks before classes start. Accommodation requests will also be accepted throughout the trimester:

  • Requesting accommodations for the first time
  • Alternatively formatted textbooks
  • Interpreter services

Required Documentation & Forms

It is the student's responsibility to submit the following forms to complete their record in the Center. The first three items are only needed on file once. The last two items must be resubmitted prior to each trimester.

The Office will notify each of the student’s instructors of their needs. The instructor will receive an Academic Accommodation Notification Letter explaining the accommodations necessary for that student. At any time, a student may request in writing to discontinue any information sharing related to their disability. It is the collective responsibility of the student, the Office for Students with Disabilities, and faculty member to arrange for the accommodations.

Documentation to determine that student is an "individual with a disability" must be consistent with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Grievance Procedure

Students are strongly encouraged to inform the Disabilities Coordinator promptly if there is a problem with service delivery. In working to resolve the problems, the following steps are recommended:

  • Discuss the problem with the person involved
  • If unresolved, contact the Disabilities Coordinator
  • If the issue remains unresolved, speak with the director of the Center
  • If the situation is not resolved after following the above steps, contact the Academic Dean

Students may expect to be treated with respect and dignity, receive a timely response, and have the issues handled in a confidential manner. The university expects the students to bring up any problems early, give clear and detailed information, and be respectful of the people involved in the situation. Changes in the service provider cannot be made without following the steps outlined above.

Stopping Accommodations

Students may request in writing to discontinue accommodations at any time.

Other Disabilities Resources

Many resources are available to students with disabilities outside of the university. AHU has recorded some of the outside resources in a list based on the recommendation of our students. This list is not exhaustive and we encourage students to do their own research for any resources they may need. The list provided is only there to help get you started.

For more information Contact the disabilities coordinator, Betty Varghese at 407-303-1870 or 407-303-7643 or

Disability Resource List (Outside of AHU)