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Course Section Cancellation Policy

This policy provides guidance on the cancellation of a course section(s). A course section may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to, an enrollment of less than six students. Course sections that are canceled due to low enrollment numbers may be combined with another section.  Every effort will be made to cancel a section well in advance of the intended start date allowing students to reschedule or make other arrangements. (Preferably two weeks prior to the start of the term.)

Before a course section is canceled AHU will:

Academic Appeal Policy

Should a student have an academic grievance concerning a grade, course, or academic program decision, he or she should follow the Student Academic Appeal procedure as outlined in the Academic Catalog. Grievances should be discussed with the applicable instructor or department chair no later than five business days after the decision or incident prompting the grievance. The instructor or department chair must respond to the student within five business days of the appeal. The decision of Academic Administration on any appeal is final.