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Honorary Degree Standard Operating Procedure

  • Nominations will be sent to the Office of the President and may be made by Academic Leaders, Faculty, or Senior Administration.
  • The nominator should submit an Honorary Nomination Form indicating the importance of the candidate’s achievements and the reasons why these achievements should be honored by the University, along with a biographical sketch of the candidate. Other documents, such as letters of support for the nomination or articles about the nominee or written by the nominee, are also welcome. 

Honorary Degree Policy

AdventHealth University will award honorary degrees to distinguished individuals who merit special recognition for genuine achievement and distinctions in a field or activity consistent with the mission of the University. The Board of Trustees authorize the award of an honorary degree.


An honorary degree may be awarded to an outstanding individual who satisfies one or more of the following criteria:

Posthumous Status Policy

A student may be considered for a Posthumous Degree or Certificate of Recognition if the student was enrolled in good standing with the university at the time of death and had completed enough of the planned degree program to be awarded such a degree or certificate of recognition.  Department chairs for the program in which the student was enrolled may recommend the awarding of a Degree or Certificate of Recognition by submitting a written request to the Provost.  The request should include a degree audit from the Registrar and other relevant information regarding the student's academic and