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Professional Adjunct Faculty Standard Operating Procedure

  • Following a discussion with the Chair, the Adjunct submits an application to the Chair of the department
  • For an adjunct that submits an application who teaches for several departments, the Chair of the Primary Department will work in collaboration with the other chairs during the process
  • The Chair of the Department recommends the adjunct applicant for this status during the year prior to advancement in collaboration with full-time faculty

Professional Adjunct Faculty Policy

Professional Adjunct faculty at AHU are adjunct faculty who have distinguished themselves by their significant contributions to the university over an extended period. This status is by application by the adjunct in collaboration with the Chair and approval by President's Council.  Budgetary status of the university may influence the number of adjunct faculty members appointed to Professional Adjunct status in an academic year. Adjunct faculty must meet the following criteria to be awarded the Professional Adjunct faculty status.