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First Aid Kits Standard Operating Procedure

The process on the content, management and maintenance of first aid kits at AdventHealth University is as follows:

1. First aid kits are managed by the Office of Safety and Security at AHU

2. Each department should appoint a designee to be the first aid kit manager for the department

3. Department designees will contact the Director of Safety and Security at AHU to obtain their first aid kit.  They will follow the directions for kit retrieval sent by the Director of Safety and Security.

First Aid Kits Policy

All employees, students, and contract workers at AdventHealth University (AHU) will be informed of the existence of first aid kits and where they are located. All departments and facilities at AHU must keep a stocked first aid kit in their physical campus space to treat injury or illness.  It is important to note that a first aid kit does not supersede professional medical care.


Missing Student Notification Policy

It is the policy of AHU, through the collaboration of the Office of Student Services and Campus Security, to investigate any report of a missing student who is enrolled and attending classes at any AHU campus. This policy, with its accompanying procedures, establishes a framework for cooperation among members of the University community aimed at locating and assisting students who are reported missing.